Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Other Side

Here I am back in Hawaii! But this time I am on the other side. My eyes feast everyday upon the huge green mountains.  They rise up all around Kailua. There is room for my thoughts to soar.  I am actually living in the exact place I want to live! My new life is shaping up to be quite do-able.  Completely on the other side!.. the other side of the impossibilities that were my life before.  On my thirty-fifth birthday, i found myself living where I want to live doing things I've dreamed and planned for myself to do!   So, is my life all rainbows and butterflies? Yep, pretty much.  At least right now anyway!
But how can this be? I thought I'd be wandering wounded for eons!  I have managed to find MY way. . . A way of living that works for me, not against me.  I hope to tell you all about it!