Sunday, April 28, 2013

there is something in the pain, so beautiful (part two)

The title of my previous post, the same as this one, was a very resent discovery for which I had no explanation.  Well it just so happened I was provided with hours of physical pain last month and while I lay on my back lanai holding my poor poor thumb, I could only think, "Why is the grass so crisp and the motion of the trees so graceful?"  I'd think on it, read some Anna Karinina, and think on it again, get some more ice, think about taking a good look at the damage and cowardly turn back to my novel.  In one of these turns I realized: it is the heightened awareness that makes everything so beautiful.  I've even noticed the seemingly unrealistic beauty when in emotional pain.  There is something in the pain, so so beautiful.  It distracts me. It comforts me...and even thrills me.  I like seeing with pain-enhanced vision.  I mean to say, if I have pain and there's no escaping it, bring on the beauty!