Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here I sit, completely incapable of seeing any task through to completion.  I feel like a child on days like these. I know it will pass. I may have brains again tomorrow.  I will have brains again tomorrow! though I may still be a bit beside myself. 
Yesterday was poorly planned and therefore knocked me off my feet.  I took the children with me to a funeral, for which they could not sit still.  We stayed for the meal afterward which was entirely to stimulating with them and everyone else going in different directions.  Whew! That could have done it.  But we had more to do!  We were off to the boys school to meet their teachers and drop off school supplies, then stopped at the preschool to do the same for my daughter.  Hers was smaller and more fun.  Free shaved ice!  The mom in front of us pushed the pump of flavoring down and red spewed all over her daughter.  Why did that bring me comfort?
Anyhow, by the time we reached home, i felt hyper-vigilant and pooped, dying for my bed!  I went to the bathroom where I gathered my first clue: a dozen or more flies.  Hm. . the back door must have been left open.  I get to the kitchen and look at my blackberry pie.  I think, "who's been eating my pie?" and then "what's that terrible smell?"   My eyes widened to see berry pie and chicken poo tracked all over the kithcen counters!. .. my recipe notes, and my clean hand washed dishes.  We kept finding poo, I cleaned and hour, went to bed. The boys did the dishes.
I had anxiety in the night. I was recalling some of my stupidest moments and dreaming of embarrassing body functions.  I slept late and woke to find a Rode Island Red hen laying an egg in my king size quilt laying on the dryer.  I was standing there loading clothes into the wash, taking my time, looking for stains.  Catching a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye, I jumped, picked her up and found a perfect warm brown egg.  (We also found two green eggs of Cream's.  Which meant that she had layed in the same spot on two other occasions.) Then it hit me, why the hens are always wanting in the house.  Several times daily we are shooing them away from the doorways.  They are just looking for a nice place to lay! So i set my odest about the task of spiffing up their nest box in the hen house. Don't know if it will help.  In fact, it sounds like one is in the kitchen right now!
Excepting the laundry, I've rested all day. I had a good nap.  But my mind is a very confusing place!  Days like today I try to find my sense of humor,  rest, and be kind to the children.  These are the only things that seem to help. . . and the only things I seem to be able to accomplish. 
My brain is on vacation!  I'll see it soon enough.  Then we'll be back in business . . . cleaning house, making meals, helping with the childrens' projects, planning outings and keeping the chickens out of the house!