Sunday, October 20, 2013

anonymous pastor's wives

Tonight I spent time with one of my new favorite people.  You know the kind...another "meant-to-be" sort of friendship, a set up. Our conversation lead me to an Internet search, which led to disappointment.  Our husbands are in the same line of work, so I googled "anonymous pastor's wives."

I found plenty, but only in the nominal sense of the word, or... not even really!  In most cases the anonymity was not observed and the writing left no need.  Who needs to anonymous post "Crock-pot Wednesdays" and the like anyhow? The whole idea of pastor's wives cramming miscellaneous items into the crock pot every Sunday morning and Wednesday night brings fierceness to my eyes. How could Christ be so impractical? Why do churches only seem family friendly? Oh, the busy-ness of church going moms! My heart aches for them. Rest, please rest, and please say, "NO!"

But why bother with the bother of anonymity if you're not going to say anything so shockingly truthful? If I had secured anonymity, I would have lots to say that needs saying. Would I have the guts?  Oh, yes.  But could I ever be truly anonymous?  Perhaps another google search...but does google really know?